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Hello. I'm Giuseppe.

Strategic creative director, designer, thinker. 


First generation relentless hobbyist and pencil aficionado. Born and raised, in Brooklyn, NY.  Empathetic. Work ethic. ​With history in campaigns, comms strategies, content marketing, branding, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility, DEI initiatives, entertainment advertising, direct response, and interactive experiences. For the likes of HBO, ESPN, Google, Charles Schwab, Comcast, Chase, Prudential, Columbia Tristar, Sony Pictures, Samsung. 

Intrigued by the power of a good concept, its ability to inspire curiosity, and make sense of the world around us. Driven by the idea that creativity is a catalyst for pushing boundaries. And in search of that single masterful brush stroke. I have a pizza oven and an old car.

Current work under wraps

G@STUDIOLIPARI.COM  or  503+708+0853 for access credentials 


503+708+0853 for access credentials 

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