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Strategic creative director, designer, thinker.  


First generation relentless hobbyist and pencil aficionado. Born and raised, in Brooklyn, NY. 


Empathetic, work ethic.

Intrigued by the power of a good concept, its ability to inspire curiosity and help understand and categorize the world around us. Driven by the idea that creativity is a catalyst for pushing boundaries. And in search of that single masterful brush stroke. I have a pizza oven and an old car.

Currently supporting clients with content marketing, employee engagement, brand building, corporate social responsibility, and DEI initiatives. 

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Cutting teeth

My art school eduction taught me concept and composition and how much I had to learn. Cut my teeth designing movie posters in NYC. My first creative director taught me how to iterate a million sketches scrapping an idea together with tear sheets and pulling inspiration from unlikely places.  There would be one hundred theatrical campaigns, and twenty three academy awards among them.

Pages and places

Turning the leaf from entertainment advertising I explored a myriad of applications and disciplines including book covers, brand identities, and marketing collateral. Contributing to sports marketing and the highly anticipated launch of The Kobe (Crazy 1), an experience that ignited my passion for blending creativity and sports. Product design that still sits on shelves in the form of the original hippy sports drink RECHARGE. Collaborations with higher education, local brands and agencies, bakeries, high tech magazines and countless sketches have allowed me to embrace experimentation and play.

G@STUDIOLIPARI.COM  or  503+708+0853 for access credentials 

Current work under wraps


It was a pivotal time in tech. Streaming vs set top boxes. Smart TVs and fancy remotes. I leveraged technology to enhance traditional TV programming and create new immersive experiences. Integrating software development with a brand new marketing platform and unexpected content channels, we developed interactive elements that engaged audiences in unexpected ways. Thriving in the fast-paced world of networks and cable operators, where innovation was handcuffed but loaded  with opportunity, I embraced the scientific flavor of creativity, navigating tight quarters  to help redefine what interactive could mean. 

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